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Arzenu UK was founded under the name Pro Zion in the 1980s; as the brainchild of Rabbi Dow Marmur, it provided an official voice for progressive Jews in the world Zionist movement.

After initially struggling to gain official acceptance as a constituent of the Zionist Federation, Pro Zion has since provided many longstanding chairpersons and senior officers in addition to obtaining record results in the delegations to the World Zionist Congress.

Arzenu UK is proud to have partners in 14 other constituent countries around the world, allowing Arzenu International to have a prominent standing within the Zionist movement.

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We promote Zionist interest and activities in our communities through partnerships with local organisations combined with ensuring the representation of Reform Jewish values and interests in the National Institutions of the State of Israel*.  It is our political strength in the National Institutions which permits us to advocate for our values with the Government of Israel.

(* The World Zionist Organisation, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael and the Jewish Agency for Israel)

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